How do you approach your health? Do you take the quick fix approach (which can lead to a remedy that often times falls short of the finish and your goals)? Or, do you take the slow and steady approach to true health (the approach that finishes strong and almost certainly ensures your goals will be met)?

The slow and steady approach takes more work on your part, but it's worth it. Chiropractic care encourages the slow and steady approach because it tends to have less adverse side affects. As a chiropractor I encourage adjustments, exercise, and a good diet to help prevent disease in my patients. It is an approach worth working for.

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Relieving Office Back Pain

  • Arthritis

  • Athletic injuries

  • Back, neck & hip pain

  • Frozen shoulder

  • Headaches

  • Massage therapy

  • Sciatica

  • Spinal degeneration

  • Tendinitis

  • Whiplash

Tortoise or Hare?

Helmet Head

When the smell of fall is in the air, there is not a football field around that doesn't have players smashing into each other after school. It's great! But, those collisions can cause serious injuries to the neck and back.

The football helmet alone weighs enough to cause an injury to an unconditioned neck. It can weigh as much as 8 pounds. That doubles the amount of weight the neck normally carries. (Thank you cute kid from "Jerry McGuire?)

If you or someone you know is in a sport, make sure they are getting checked by a chiropractor. Each sport has its own way of causing injuries to the neck and back. In football, the collisions may be the cause of an injury. The culprit could also be the helmet designed to protect the athlete.  It is important to have each athlete performing at their best. An adjustment can help you be at your best. 

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Some time ago, I was asked about relieving back pain caused by office work. I think the best way to relieve a problem is to stop the problem from ever happening. This can be done in a number of ways. Water's Edge Chiropractic PLC offers the following tips on how to relieve office back pain.

First, make sure that your monitor is at eye level. This keeps you from slouching over to read the screen. When you have proper posture, you help protect your back.

Keep your shoulders back. This keeps your back straight also.

Your mouse and keyboard should be easily reached when you type or navigate on your computer. No reaching! I prefer a roller ball instead of a mouse to navigate the web. It doesn't require any reaching and you can hold it without having to lift your arm.

If you need a mouse and can't make the roller ball switch, I suggest getting a wireless mouse. With a wireless mouse, you don't have to worry about pulling the cords with you. You can keep the mouse closer to you without yanking the cord out of the computer or knocking items over with the mouse cord.